One tool to manage everything related to maximizing profits


Lead Trends

Lead scores change daily. What matters is realizing the trends and making the right moves. With daily follow-ups you will be able to make the right analysis fastly.

Lead Generating Channels

Your organic and inorganic leads are gathered and recorded into our system. You can see which channels are doing better and shape up your investment accordingly.

Service Success

We know you offer a variety of treatments and techniques. You will know how much attention each of them grab and which ones need some boost in presentation.

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Watch the conversions

Campaigns in Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads are the fastest lead generation channels. However, these platforms do not give an idea about lead quality. We show you how much each campaign made, where it did not obtain the ideal results, how much of the leads turned into appointments. We help you spend your budget wisely and reach the ideal audience.

Maximize call center success

Even the best service is as good as the person telling about it. With smart algorithms we direct suitable sales persons in accordance with language or selected treatment. We allow you to follow up active call center personnel and apply bonus system for their conversion successes.

Learn the winning keywords

A quite critical part of SEO is content and keywords are the crucial part of content. Google Ads work the same way, through keywords. Leadonly allows you to follow the whole sales adventure live, not only click counts. You can have the most winning keyword at the top of your list and also see which keyword led the patient to your web site.


High Access


Real Time

Simple and Practical

Social Media

Social media today is the dynamo of lead generating sources. Its effect as a media and an ad platform is huge. Since we know its power, we provide you with a panel for your social media manager. All the actions they take in social media is recorded. By taking a record of each part of the process, your call center's experience get personalized.


I am the marketing director of Vanity Clinic. Today I can follow in one screen every computation I was trying to get right in long excel sheets with wrong or missing information. In addition to using the budget more effectively, I am also able to comfortably follow the salesperson performance.

- Ömür Kurt

I am the assistant of Prof. Dr. Umut Barbaros. I used to spend a lot of time in mail boxes trying to reach patient, follow up whom I called or whom I made an appointment for with some primitive methods. Now I see in which stage of the sale I am, what notes I have taken and operation, appointment scheduling all in one screen.

- Pınar Ertuğrul

I am the social media manager of Dentist Melih Ozgen. I used to deal with patient information in excel sheets without a great organization. Now it all goes through the Leadonly panel and we easily access all the records and process details in a much more organized manner.

- Selçuk Kartaloğlu
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